Department of Cinema and Digital Media  

Cinema and Digital Media Department of the Izmir University of Economics has been established in 2012 as an undergraduate program that offers contemporary cinema and digital media arts education. 

Digital Media Technologies

The difference of our program to others in Turkey, as the name suggests, is its emphasis in the convergence of traditional cinematic storytelling and digital media technologies. Observable trends in media production and consumption show that the future of cinema art has been tied in with the development of interactive and online digital media. In this context, our department focuses on new forms of storytelling in a transformed field, such as fiction, documentary, experimental, animated, interactive films produced/publicized on digital platforms.

Intensive Studio Courses

Another distinguishing feature of our department is a series of intensive studio courses that constitute the keystones of our curriculum. These studio courses are co-taught by multiple instructors, and combine practical and creative skills with theoretical knowledge of the field. Our program has a special emphasis on creative practice. Rather than serving to narrowly defined occupational functions dictated by the industry, we intend to graduate creative individuals who possess critical thinking and aesthetic skills along with technical ones, who have the ability to work in open ended creative contexts.

English Language Education

The language of education in our department is English. We believe that learning in English gives our students a great advantage for their future endeavors. Beyond English language education, Cinema and Digital Media Department presents a culturally diverse, international faculty composition. Our part-time faculty members are also selected from academics and professionals with international achievements in their field. Besides our structured courses, we offer ongoing extracurricular workshops and seminars led by internationally acclaimed academics and professionals.


The duration for scholarships for our students is 2 years in Foreign Language Preparatory Program and 7 years in our undergraduate program, Scholarships continue until the end of this period. The period of deferred registration, for students with justified and valid reasons, is added to their scholarship period.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our department.