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Our department offers contemporary cinema and digital media arts education. We focus on conventional and digital forms of visual storytelling including fiction and documentary, animation, interactive and immersive forms of media production. 

Our curriculum is shaped around three principles: Teaching applied, intellectual and creative skills in a blended way; equipping the students with multiple professional skills at industry standards; developing habits of ethical conduct, critical thinking, problem solving and professional adaptability. 

The cornerstone of our curriculum is a series of intensive studio courses taught by multiple instructors along with visiting professionals working in the field of film and digital media arts. In these studio courses, our students develop applied skills related to pre-production, production and post-production phases of a digital media product. They take individual responsibility of their own creative work as well as work in groups as crew members. The studio courses are supported by a set of must courses and elective courses where the students gain skills in specialized areas.  

The professional needs of cinema and digital media industries are rapidly transforming. In line with this transformation, we aim to graduate creative young professionals who are equipped with both the fundamental skill set of filmmaking (scriptwriting, directing, editing, etc.) and competence in creating digital media narratives with interactive elements. 





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