About Us

The Cinema and Digital Media undergraduate program aims to train intellectually curious and creative students who have the habit of critical thinking, have internalized ethical values, and have the courage, ability, and knowledge to make a difference in the field of cinema and digital media.

The applied courses of the Department of Cinema and Digital Media will take place in the Studios of the IUE Faculty of Communication. There is a film set, a movie theater, and six editing rooms that have fully HD production facilities. The studios provide professional HD cameras, lighting, and sound equipment for the students. We care about bringing our students into contact with national and international professionals who are experts in their fields. Film screenings, conferences, workshops, club activities, and field trips are also indispensable components of our program, along with the courses we conduct in our high-tech studios.

We encourage our students to experience hands-on learning, as well as to in investigate such courses in our curriculum as “Creative Writing”, “Transmedia Storytelling”, “Advanced Animation Studio”, “Theory and Practice of the Moving Image”, “Sound Practices for the Screen”, and “Diverse Practices in Cinema”. In order to graduate, our students must produce a Senior Project (research paper, short film, feature-film scenario, or a digital-media work).